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Songkran tribuisti Thailand

  Each country in the world has their respective way of celebrating New Year. In Thailand, people celebrate it by throwing Songkran Festival. New Year according to traditional Thai calendar happens at April 13. autem, the holiday for this New Year continues until April 15. The government makes the holiday longer regarding to the tradition during Songkran. Aside from celebrating

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Top 4 Destinations ut actio in US


  Thinking of having a short holiday during the Thanksgiving? Bene, there are so many best destinations for Thanksgiving across the US that you do not have to travel outside the country. This will be another awesome holiday you spend with your family. igitur, care to figure out which are the best destinations? Let’s figure them out. Gatlinburg, Tennessee Here

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5 Oportet focus in Singapore


  Are you planning to come to Singapore for holiday? Bene, you have made the right choice especially knowing Singapore has been said to be the playground for the rich. Although it is considerably a small country but it has a list of interesting must visit place in Singapore that you can experience and enjoy. Thanks to reliable public transportation

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