Лабуан Баджо кезексиз жаратылыш Scenery – NTT, Индонезия

Лабуан Баджо менен пейзаж

  Индонезия туристтерди өзүнө тарткан абдан бай, чөйрөсүндө, анын ичинде ​​чыгыш Indonesia. There Labuan Bajo that will surely make you amazed with its beauty. пейзаж, чынында эле, өзгөчө. Лабуан Баджо, аз эле белгилүү бир чакан шаар. бирок, nowadays this little beautiful town that located on the western tip of Flores island is increasingly

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Travel Tips to Weh Island (Sumatera, Индонезия)

Beauty of Weh Island (diariovasco)

  Weh Island (Indonesian: Pulau Weh, Local Tribe: Pulo Weh/Sabang ) is a small active volcanic island of the northwest Sumatra, located about 2 hours by ferry from mainland, Banda Aceh. Weh Island was originally connected to the Sumatra mainland and became separated after the volcano’s eruption attacks in the past.[1] The Weh island is precisely located in the Andaman

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COOK ISLANDS Best Tropical Beach Holiday Experience

Cook Islands Beach

  Do you want to have a real tropical beach holiday experience? Or do you want to take a beautiful holiday memories with your friends or family? The colors of paradise are exist on earth, Your toes step on white sandy beach. Meet various kind of friendly reef fishes in the extraordinary beautiful blue lagoon. Playing, Swaying in a hammock

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TahitiBest Place to Relax on Earth

Honeymoon in Tahiti (downunderendeavours)

  Tahiti is the largest and one of the most beautiful island in French Polynesia region, at South Pacific archipelago. The Shaped of Tahiti island is like number 8, The Tahiti island divided into two parts which is Tahiti Nui (the larger part, western section) and Tahiti Iti (the eastern part). Tahiti is so popular among international tourists for honeymooners,

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