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Don’t say you’ve been to Bali, if you were not visit Kuta Beach yet. The Kuta Beach is an icon of tourism in Bali. Kuta Beach known not only by domestic tourists, but also foreign ones.

Kuta Beach is very famous and became one of the best beaches in Bali. It is located on the southern coast of Bali that extraordinary beauty. beach line have a length of 2 km and curved like a crescent moon.

It’s strategic location makes Kuta Beach Bali, never has less visitors. If you come from Ngurah Rai airport, heading to the Kuta beach is only takes about 15 minutes. Along the road leading to the beach, there are plenty of hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, art markets, and also other tourism facilities. It is free to enter and enjoy the beauty of Kuta Beach, but only if you bring your own vehicle, you need to pay parking fee about 5,000 rupiah.

Kuta Beach has white sands and long large waves. By late afternoon the tourists who stay around Kuta, usually stroll leading to the beach for sunbathing while enjoying the sunset.

Kuta beach waves challenge bravery of tourists to surf. This place often becomes the arena for national or international level Surfing competition. Nevertheless, Kuta Beach is also suitable for beginners who are just learning to surf. For novice surfers, no need to worry if you want to learn to surf at Kuta Beach. Along the beach there are many surf boards rented in various prices, depending on the size and the quality of the material, They usually also have an experienced humble trainer.

Beside popular as tourist spot, There also a turtles breeding area in Kuta Beach. Not far from the shore, there is a Giant shaped turtle building where turtle eggs hatched. The most interesting is the activity to release baby turtles into the sea. This activity has no definite schedule, whenever the eggs hatch, it will soon be release to the sea. This involves any traveler who wants to join. Each participants will be lined up and each one carrying a plastic box with hatchlings. Then simultaneously, they send the hatchlings to the beach.

Not far from Kuta beach there is a monument named Panca Benua, many called it as Ground Zero. It is a monument built to commemorate the victims of the Bali bomb attack which occurred on 12 October 2002. At the bottom of Panca Benua monument there is a list of names of victims. Every October 12, the monument is visited by many families and friends of the victims for the commemoration.

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Kuta Beach Bali

Kuta Beach Bali


Kuta Beach of Bali

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Kuta Beach in Bali

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