Kusatsu (Japan) – Hot Spring That Can Make You Younger and Healthier

Kusatsu Onsen Scenery


Japan is one of country in Asia that has fantastic natural beauty. besides tourist landscape, Japan is also famous for its hot springs, one of the most attractive is the KUSATSU hot spring.

Kusatsu (草津 温泉) is one of the most famous hot spring resort in Japan and it is blessed with high quality hot water, Many people said the hot water can cure any diseases. Located in the district of Gunma (about 200 km from Tokyo), Kusatsu Hot Spring is one of the best 3 hot springs in Japan.

Kusatsu Onsen is a hot spring resort that has been famous for centuries. Kusatsu Hot Spring (japan: Onsen) located in a small town in the mountainous region located at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level. There are about 100 springs in Kusatsu, at least 53 million liters of hot water flow each day. Although it is a small town, but this place can welcome up to 3 million people per year.

The most amazing thing in Kusatsu Onsen is the quality of the spring water. With a very high level of acidity, this place has a sterilizing effect and its also safe for the human body. The volume of water is very huge and according to research the water can kill all bacteria and microorganisms. The water has benefits for skin health and beauty. This miracle always looked after by guests who want to be health and youthful. In a fun way, health of skin still can be obtained.

At Kusatsu Onsen you can also watch the Yumomi show (stirring onsen with a wooden stick to lower the temperature), so you can have fun even without soaking.

Japan that has million natural beauty still leaves peaceful room to attract tourists. It feels incomplete going to Japan without soak in to Kusatsu onsen.

Map to Kusatsu Onsen

Photo of Kusatsu Onsen

Kusatsu Onsen (for men)

Kusatsu Onsen (for men) – wikimedia.org


Hot Spring of Kusatsu - johnharveyphoto.com

Hot Spring of Kusatsu – johnharveyphoto.com


Take a Bath at Kusatsu

Take a Bath at Kusatsu (blogimg.jp)


Uumomi at kusatsu onsen

Uumomi at kusatsu onsen (japanesesearch.com)


Calm Hot Water Spring Kusatsu

Calm Hot Water Spring Kusatsu – (jp-rail-my.com)


Kusatsu Onsen Scenery

Kusatsu Onsen Scenery (amazonaws.com)


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