Must Visit Place in Switzerland You Need to Know


  Have you ever traveled to Switzerland? If you haven’t, you better plan your traveling properly before going there. Even though it is included as small country, you would be amazed with many beautiful spots that are worth visiting in this country. Plan and know well the places to be visited. There are numerous lakes which will be excellent place


Travel Guide to Lake Toba, Sumatera (ឥណ្ឌូនេស៊ី)

Lake Toba indonesia (beautytour)

  Lake Toba (Indonesian: Danau Toba) is one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia, located in Medan, North Sumatra. Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in Indonesia, and in the Southeast Asia, either. One thing that make Lake Toba more special is the reality that there is an island in the middle of the lake, Samosir Island (Pulau


Lake TahoeMost Mysterious and Beautiful Lake on Earth

Water of Lake tahoe (

  If you target the United States as the next destination for your journey, do not just stare at modernity offered by big cities. Make also a Plan to see its natural beauty. One of the best natural beauty of United States is Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is a freshwater lake located in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada


Lake YucatanMagically Crystal Clear Underground Lake

Visitors of Lake Yucatan (panoramio)

  How if you visit a lake located in a large hole that looks like a underground cave? perhaps it will feels creepy but also has its own beauty because it holds many mysterious things, That’s what you would feel if you visit Lake Yucatan. Lake Yucatan is a lake inside cave that has a very broad area of ​​ប្រមាណ


PlitviceMost Beautiful Lake Ever

most beautiful lake - plitvice (YouTube)

  Plitvice Lakes is part of the Plitvice National Park in Croatia. Everyone who has come to this lake agree to say Lake Plitvice is the most beautiful lake in the world. The lake is surrounded by steep cliffs and three beautiful mountains, namely Mt Mala Kapela, Mountains Dinaric Alps, and Mount Medvedak. The scenery around the Plitvice lakes are


ធ្វើដំណើរទៅភាគខាងលិចនៃទីក្រុង Hangzhou បឹង (ចិន)

ទេសភាពនៅជុំវិញបឹងនៅខេត្ត Hangzhou ភាគខាងលិច

  Hangzhou is one of the “seven ancient capital of Chinaand it is already exist more than 5000 years ago even before China’s first dynasty, the Qin Dynasty. So much praise, paintings and proverbs that describe the beauty of the city of Hangzhou. នៅក្នុងការពិត, according to the story, Marco Polo call this city is like a paradise because

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