BunakenMost Beautiful Diving Spot in Indonesia

Beautiful Underwater life of Bunaken, Manado

  Bunaken is one of Indonesia’s best tourism spot, this place has an amazing beautiful under water scenery, one of the international magazine called it as the best diving spot in the world. Bunaken Marine Park located in Manado, North Sulawesi. Bunaken marine park has a total area of ​​75000 hectares consists of shallow seas and five islands, namely Bunaken

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GREAT Blue Hole – Ең терең ЖӘНЕ BLUEST Sinkhole

Белиз Ұлы Blue Hole

  Ұлы Blue Hole Белиз жағалауы жанында орналасқан, Орталық Америка. Ол Lighthouse рифа ортасында, a collection of coral atolls which stretches 96 kilometers in length. With a perfectly round shape, The Great Blue Hole diameters is about 400 метр, with a depth of about 145 метр. КҰқсас сөздер: der tiefste pool der welt,great

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