MERRY CEMETERY (Sapanta) – Colorful Cemetery of Romania

Most Unique Cemetery in the World

  Normally, Cemeteries are dominated by dark colors and spooky aura, but something completely different can be met in the Merry Cemetery. Merry Cemetery is one of the most unique and colorful cemeteries in the world. Merry Cemetery is located in the village of Sapanta, Romania and it is one of the cemetery that looks different than the traditional ones.

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Leshan Giant BuddhaLargest Buddha Statue in The World

Leshan Giant Buddha from Top

  China can be one of the interesting country which has so many destinations to be enjoyed during a visit. There are several historical heritages that become famous tourist destinations in China. Some historical heritages and Chinese cultures has become an icon of the country and made part of the world cultural heritage by UNESCO. One of historical place and

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