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Киото мұнарасы обсерваториясы бөлмесі

  Every major city definitely has a favorite spot to view the city from a height. Tokyo has its Tokyo Tower and Tokyo-Skytree, Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Jakarta has Monas, және т.б.. These spots usually becomes one of the most favorite tourist destination of the city. As one of the most popular tourist destinations city in Japan, Kyoto is also has

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Жоғары 5 Сіз бару үшін қажет болуы мүмкін Еуропадағы ең үлкен футбол Стадиондар

Stade де Франс (traveldigg)

  What make a stadium great? There are several alternative for the answers. You might think it is because the teams quartered in it. You might also think about the matches that make it great. Perhaps it is the passion of the fans. иә, it could be the answer. Moreover, it can be the grandeur of the building and the

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олимпиадалық стадион, Итальяндық дәмі бар спорттық

Римде Stadio Olimpico (varzesh11)

  The Stadio Olimpico in Rome is situated in the Foro Italico sports complex, Italy. It is located at Monte Mario just north of Rome which includes the Stadio dei Marmi, the Stadium of court of Rome, and the Swimming Stadium of Rome. The Olympic Stadium is the home football club of Lazio and Roma. It hosts the final of

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