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Khao San Road


So you want a vacation to Thailand but have a limited budget? Don’t worry because you can do your holiday in backpacker-style. backpacker style today is pretty well-known and much in demand by the people.

Usually in several tourist destinations countries, there is a special area that is usually filled by backpackers. This kind of places provide various types of lodging, tour packages, food, to shopping centers and entertainment in a very cheap price. If you intend to do a backpacker-style holiday in Bangkok, then Khao San Road is a perfect place for you.

Khao San Road is the best place in bangkok,Thailand for low budget travelers. The area known as the backpacker’s center located in the downtown, in the area Banglamphu, about 1 km from the Grand Palace, Khao San Road is very easily accessible for tourists. Long Khao San Road is no more than one kilometer in lenght, crowded by thousands of tourists every day. This is a favorite destination for tourists before go adventuring in Bangkok.

If you are backpackers and wants to socialize with other backpackers from around the world, then Khao San Rod is the right place for you to visit. This area is internationally known as a center for partying in Thailand.

Along Khao San Road you will see different types of hotels, restaurants, craft shops, bars and discotheques, as well as travel agents offering cheap vacation packages. That’s not all, there also various services offered here, suc as reflexology, ticket sales, internet cafe, muaythai camp, tattoo and piercing shop, beauty salon, etc. One thing that makes Khao San Road very unique is the snacks seller along the way, You must try the Pad Thai, a kind of noodles with choice of eggs, meat spicy chicken.

One important tips for backpacker to Bangkok is that although you are looking for cheap lodging price, You should still make sure that the place deserves to be stayed.

Map to Khao San Road Bangkok

Pictures of Khao San Road, Bangkok


Bar of Khao San Road

Bar of Khao San Road (madmonkeyhostels)


Bar of Khao San Road

Bar of Khao San Road (asiawebdirect)


Khao San Road Backpackers Center

Khao San Road Backpackers Center (roughguides)


Girls in Khao San Road Bangkok

Girls in Khao San Road Bangkok


Cheap Unique food of Khao San Road

Cheap Unique food of Khao San Road (


Khao San Road

Khao San Road


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