KHAO LUANG CAVE (Thailand) – And It’s Amazing Temple

Picture of Khao Luang Cave


Khao Luang Cave – Thailand is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the world. In this country there are many interesting attractions to visit. One of them Tham Khao Luang Cave located in Phetchabury.

Phetchabury region is a region which rich in natural and cultural attractions, here there is a cave named Tham Khao Luang that very unique, one thing that makes this cave is so unique because in the cave there is a very magnificent temple.

Since ancient times Khao Luang Cave is commonly used by people living in the Province Phetcaburi as a place of worship, especially for those who embrace the teachings of Buddhism, but because the scenery is so amazing the cave attracted the attention of many tourists from around the world.

When entering Khao Luang Cave visitors have to descended stairs to the bottom of the cave, when step down these stairs you can see beautiful stalactites, in addition, at the bottom of the cave there is sunlight coming from the hole located above the cave. Khao Luang cave has 170 statues of Buddha that had been made since the government king Chulalongkorn. Religious nuance is very pronounced in this place, you will feel peace of the soul inside.

To reach Khao Luang Cave you just need to drive about an hour from Bangkok (read also: KHAO SAN ROAD – BEST BACKPACKERS CENTER IN BANGKOK). The Cave can be visited every day from 7:00 to 18:00 pm local time. To get into this area visitors are not charged entry fee. However, there is a voluntary donation box provided.

Map to Khao Luang Cave

Pictures of Khao Luang Cave

Khao Luang Cave Thailand

Khao Luang Cave Thailand (wikipedia)


Picture of Khao Luang Cave

Picture of Khao Luang Cave (wikipedia)


Khao Luang Cave in Thailand

Khao Luang Cave in Thailand (jimgblog)


Inside Khao Luang Cave

Inside Khao Luang Cave


Khao Luang Cave

Khao Luang Cave


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