St. Giles’ Cathedral (Edinburgh) – A Thousand Incridible Historical Moments


  St. GilesCathedral or High Kirk of Edinburgh is a tourism spot that you can visit in Royal Mile. The place is also known as a Church for a long time and now, you have an opportunity to witness the greatness of the Cathedral on your own. The architecture of the Cathedral is so amazing that you will see

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ეროვნული მეჩეთი მალაიზია – Kuala Lumpur

ეროვნული მეჩეთი მალაიზია

  Many people have known that mosque is the place for all of the Moslems to pray. თუმცა, it turns out as the modernity comes in; the function of mosque is not mainly for praying need only. That can be simply seen from the National Mosque of Malaysia. დიახ, this place is considered as one of the biggest and best

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ექსკლუზიური დღესასწაული მომხიბლავი Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab

  Burj Al Arab ნაწილია Jumeirah Beach Resort. ეს სასტუმრო მდებარეობს Jumeirah Beach Road, დუბაიში. სასტუმროს დგას gracefully ხელოვნურ კუნძულზე Jumeirah Beach სანაპირო. სასტუმროს უკავშირდება მიერ ხიდის მატერიკზე. გზაზე ხიდიდან აგრძელებს წარმატებულ ქალაქ დუბაიში. არსებობს ორი გზა წვდომის ეს კოშკი. გარდა

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მოგზაურობა მინიშნებები Firsttimer in Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart

  When you go to French, you might do not want to miss the chance to visit Sacré-Cœur. This white church is located in the hill of Montmartre as one of the main attractions in Paris. It was commissioned by French government in 1873 with the purpose to symbolize self-confidence’s return after devastating years during Franco-Prussian ad Commune War. in

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ისტორიული სიმდიდრით Kyoto საიმპერატორო სასახლეში

Kyoto Imperial Palace სურათები

  Is it your first time in Kyoto? Then you have to visit the most popular palace in this town known as Kyoto Imperial Palace. This is a particular castle that has classical Japanese style with walled compound that contain several different sumptuous building. Just like most classical Japanese building, this palace has wooden construction and low rooflines. Although the

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Kyoto ის Nijo Castle – Incredible არქიტექტურა დიზაინი ომის

Nijo Castle სურათები

  Japan has been known as a castle country. It refers to the number of castles across this country that is basically quite a lot. Among the most popular castles, Nijo Castle in the center of Kyoto is regularly visited by a lot of local and international tourists every year. This is among the most original castles in Japan that

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Unforgettabble ვიზიტი Magnificent Todaiji Temple (იაპონია)

Kaidanin Temple

  Todaiji, which means the great eastern temple in English, is one of the most famous temples in japan. It becomes the landmark of Nara city. Built in 752, the temple is the head of all Buddhist temples across japan. The Buddhists went so powerful at that time and forced the government to move the capital in 784 from Nara

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