Kyoto Tower – Magnificent კოშკი ძველი ქალაქი

ობსერვატორიის ოთახი კიოტოს Tower

  Every major city definitely has a favorite spot to view the city from a height. Tokyo has its Tokyo Tower and Tokyo-Skytree, Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Jakarta has Monas, და ა.შ.. These spots usually becomes one of the most favorite tourist destination of the city. As one of the most popular tourist destinations city in Japan, Kyoto is also has

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გამოიკვლიეთ სიკვდილი Ming სამარხები – China

ming სამარხები წმინდა გზა

  There were 16 emperors of the Ming Dynasty but only 13 emperors buried in Ming Tombs. Zhu Yuanzhang, the founder of the Ming Dynasty are buried in the Xiaoling Tomb in Nanjing, Zhu Yunwen the second emperor of the Ming dynasty disappeared and no one know where is his tomb, and Zhu Qiyu third emperor of the Ming dynasty,

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Spend Your Holiday in Emirates Stadium

Emirates Stadium Matchday (

  Are you an Arsenal fan? Definitely, you are not strange to hear the name of Emirates Stadium. It is home stadium of the football club that has title “the Gunners”, Arsenal FC. Located in London precisely in Halloway, this football stadium becomes the three-largest stadium in United Kingdom after Wembley and Old Trafford stadium. It is officially opened in

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Great Events at Stamford Bridge

Stamford Bridge of Chelsea FC

  Do not miss the experience to visit Stamford Bridge as home ground of Chelsea Football Club. Experience great time of enjoying sports match held in this place along with all sports fans from around the world. The stadium which has been opened since 1877 has seat capacity as much as 41,663. This great place is located in United Kingdom

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Amsterdam ArenaLargest Stadium in Netherlands

Amsterdam Arena Matchday

  If you are soccer lovers, you may want to go to Amsterdam Arena someday to watch live match of your favorite team. This place could be said as a home for football club Ajax. It is used by Dutch National team as well to conduct international match. This arena is located in Netherlands to be exact in Arena Boulevard

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Top 5 Largest Football Stadiums in Europe You Might Want to Visit

Stade de France (traveldigg)

  What make a stadium great? There are several alternative for the answers. You might think it is because the teams quartered in it. You might also think about the matches that make it great. Perhaps it is the passion of the fans. დიახ, it could be the answer. უფრო მეტიც, it can be the grandeur of the building and the

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Stadio Olimpico, Sporting with Italian Taste

Stadio Olimpico in Rome (varzesh11)

  The Stadio Olimpico in Rome is situated in the Foro Italico sports complex, იტალიაში. It is located at Monte Mario just north of Rome which includes the Stadio dei Marmi, the Stadium of court of Rome, and the Swimming Stadium of Rome. The Olympic Stadium is the home football club of Lazio and Roma. It hosts the final of

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