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Stanley is a name that was given by British government while locals call this area as Chyu Chek. The name is taken from the name of Lord Stanley, secretary to British Prime Minister at the time of colonization of Hong Kong.

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Originally Stanley was the center of British colonialism before moving to the Central region. Until now the remains of buildings that was once used as a military base can still be seen here. Because it was the center of government, then it is not surprising that access to the area is very easy.

Stanley Beach is located in the south of Hong Kong Island. In Stanley Beach complex consists many interesting places, such as Stanley Market, Stanley Plaza, Stanley Waterfront Promenade & Mart, Tin Hau Temple, Blake Pier, Murray House and Hong Kong Maritime Museum.

Stanley is known for its two beaches: Stanley Main Beach, located on the east side of the peninsula, and St. Stephen’s Beach, on the west side. Both beaches are sandy and has areas that designed for barbecues. Same with other beaches in Hong Kong, they also give perimeter for swimmers to protect them from shark.

Stanley beach is one of the most visited beach by foreign tourists who come to Hong Kong. The beach is located at the southeast of Hong Kong Island. This beach is visited by many tourists due to the location is favorite for surfing and other kind of water sports. In addition, each year, in June, there also held dragon boat competition which is very famous and always crowded by travelers. Usually locals like Stanley Main Beach to bathe or swim in the morning, Because in noon there will be more tourists coming.

Map to Stanley Beach

Pictures of Stanley Beach

Stanley Beach on Vacation

Stanley Beach on Vacation (


Stanley Beach

Stanley Beach


Stanley Beach Hongkong

Stanley Beach Hongkong (mrbigben)


Stanley Main Beach

Stanley Main Beach (wikipedia)


Dragon Boats Festival in Stanley Beach

Dragon Boats Festival in Stanley Beach


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