InuyamaOldest Castle In Japan

Inuyama castle (Wikipedya)

  Japan has a lot of magnificent castles. The Castles was once residences of the shogun, samurai, landlords, ets. Usually in one city there is an iconic castle. The bigger castle indicates the greater territory or power of someone who once occupied the area. Inuyama Castle is one of 12 castles in Japan that was built before the Edo period.

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PredjamaMagnificent Castle Inside a Cave

Predjama Castle

  When mentioning castle, for some reason the majority of people would immediately associate it with a scary things. indeed there are several castles saved mysteries believed by local residents, such as Dracula’s Castle in Romania. certainly fun and impressive if we can visit castles in Europe. In addition to explore the beauty of castles, of course we also want

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