5 Must Visit Places in Singapore


  Are you planning to come to Singapore for holiday? byen, you have made the right choice especially knowing Singapore has been said to be the playground for the rich. Although it is considerably a small country but it has a list of interesting must visit place in Singapore that you can experience and enjoy. Thanks to reliable public transportation

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Senk ante ki pi fò nan Bali

Tanp lan te abandone nan Karangasem

  Bali Island contains all the beauty and the scenery you may find in a tourism destination. Beautiful beaches, comfortable weather, and delicious food have become the image of Bali for a long time. Sepandan, Bali is the same as other places. It has history and legend which sometimes hard to believed. There are many abandon places in Bali. Some

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Pi bon plas yo nan – a ak gwo

Gwan magazen Meena –

  –, a city in United Arab Emirates, is best destination for spending your holiday. The city known by its modern architectures also becomes favorite place for doing shopping or just having sightseeing. Anplis, the nightlife in this city also provides the best scene. Here are some of the best places in Dubai you may know before going to there.

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