Pono keia mau mea Kalikimaka Kihei Kōkua no oe, a me Family


  Travelling this Christmas? Get a peace of mind and ensure your Christmas vacation goes smooth and easy when you prepare beforehand and travel smart. Christmas Vacation Tips for a Smooth Vacation Check your travel documents Make a checklist for your travels. Check them at least twice to make sure you don’t forget your essentials such as your travel documents.

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Best Places, e hele no ka mea, Noel, no ka mehana a me ka Affordable Experience


  Are you looking to spend a warm Christmas for a change this year? These are some of the most affordable Christmas holiday destinations that have a warm and sunny weather throughout the month of December. Best Places to Go for Christmas in the AmericasPuerto Vallarta, Mexico Located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta has always

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