Hadrian’s Wall Path – Great Wall of China in Britain’s Land

Beautiful Scenery of Hadrian Wall


England is a country with a monarchy system where the Queen and King of England is a symbol of the nation. Independent since hundreds of years ago, making England has lots of interesting history waited to be explored. One of the historic site which the grandeur is still well preserved is Hadrian’s Wall Path.

Hadrian’s Wall Path is one of the most popular tourist attraction in the England as well as a legacy of Roman history. Hadrian’s Wall Path was built to mark the northernmost point of the Roman Empire in the United Kingdom. The Tourist attraction history is actually quite popular as wall of the fortress. It Lenght reach 120km starting from Segendunum, Wallsend, Tyne River, up to the Solway Firth Beach, South England. Width of the wall approximately 6.5 meters with a height of 3-4 meters. Hadrian Path Development has begun since 120 AD at the days of the reign of Emperor Hadrian, His objective established this wall was for defense and a symbol of separation between the Roman world with Barbarian tribes.

The history of Hadrian’s Wall Path started when the Roman Empire was first invaded Britain in 55 AD under the rule of Julius Caesar. But after more than a century Romans could only seize southern England. They can not seize the North of England because they are always defeated by barbarian tribes in Celtic, That’s the reason why Emperor Hadrian ordered the construction of a defensive wall that can sustain the power of Rome from barbarian tribes. Many people mistakenly thought that the long and magnificent walls built by the Roman slaves, This is wrong. Quite interestingly, this wall built by the Roman soldiers. According to the emperor, it was a sort of occupational therapy for legion (troops) of roman to stay healthy and strong by keeping working.

If you are interested to see the grandeur of this Hadrian’s Wall Path then you can visit it by referring to the map below:

Map to Hadrian’s Wall Path

Pictures of Incredible Hadrian’s Wall Path

hadrians wall path

hadrians wall path (wikipedia.org)


hadrians wall england

hadrians wall england (wikipedia.org)


hadrians wall of roman empire at england

hadrians wall of roman empire at england (lovethybike.wordpress.com)


sunset from hadrians wall

sunset from hadrians wall (eruthvenstevenson.wordpress.com)


Beautiful Scenery of Hadrian Wall

Beautiful Scenery of Hadrian Wall (amazonaws.com)


Hadrian's Path Wall England

Hadrian’s Path Wall England (anglotopia.net)


Hadrians Wall with Weedkiller

Hadrians Wall with Weedkiller (wikipedia.org)


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