Ha Long Bay – Spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site of Vietnam

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Just like other countries in the world, Vietnam also has many folk legends. One of the most highlighted is about the legend of the Dragon. It is said that in ancient times the people of Vietnam are in oppression and power of China, until a dragon came set them free. The Dragon then expend a lot of pearls from his mouth and it is said each pearl was then grew into small islands that have sprung up in the middle of the sea. Other people also said that the stone islands is the dropped scales of the dragon. The place where the dragon was dropped after helping the people of Vietnam called Ha Long Bay.

Ha long Bay is an UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the province of Quang Ninh, Vietnam. In Vietnamese Ha Long Bay means Come Down Dragon Bay. it has 1,969 spectacular limestone towering islands in the sea and most of it has a cave with stalactites and stalagmites inside.

Currently Ha long Bay has become a major destination for every tourist who wanted to go to Vietnam. Very beautiful scenery consists of rocks that looked sticking emerged from the sea surface like spikes on the dragon’s back, This kind of scenery will never be forgotten.

Extraordinary Ha Long Bay (source: misadventuresmag.com)

Extraordinary Ha Long Bay (source: misadventuresmag.com)

Sunset of Ha Long Bay (source: tourtovietnam.net)

Sunset of Ha Long Bay (source: tourtovietnam.net)

Ha long Bay Cruise

Go visiting Ha long Bay can be enjoyed in 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights, for people that who have enough time then one day trip could be an enjoyable short way to explore this world heritage site.

It is Highly recommended if you do have enough time, take an overnight package in Ha long Bay for 2D1N or 3D2N. it is a good choice because if you only take one day trip you will only visiting limited places, Usually 1 day trip package only last about 4 hours.

To spend the night with a cruise tour package then the very first thing to consider is search and select best type of the ship (depends on your budget). Every ships Price include various tour package destinations at Ha long Bay. There are so many cruise ships passing through Ha long Bay ranging from USD80 to USD400 per person for 2D1N or 3D2N.

This one is an excerpt of a short personal visit to Ha long Bay:

Some time ago I had an opportunity to visit a site that become one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, Ha Long Bay. There are many ways to get to Ha Long Bay. starting from cheap tour operator to luxurious one. I entrust my Ha Long Bay 2 Days 1 Night cruise journey to Alova Gold Cruise. Information about Alova Gold Cruise can be seen in Go Asia Travel website.

2 Day 1 Night Ha Long Bay Cruise for $125 looks expensive. but come look closer, Let’s see what things I can get at that price.

My first impressions, was very positive. The condition of the rooms in the ship beyond my expectations, it was very clean and comfort. The condition of the ship is so good where at the top of the deck

My Room at Alova Cruise

My Room at Alova Cruise

tourists can get a fresh air, relax and enjoying the view spectacular huge karst rocks 360 degrees. The ship crew are so friendly and deft in work. A friendly tour guide accompanying this journey, he able to speak in English and can explain the history of Ha Long Bay or even Vietnamese clearly.

Best of the best of Alova Gold Cruise service is their FOOD!, it was totally beyond my expectations. The Foods was so delicious, Vietnamese white rice is the most fluffier rice and most delicious I’ve ever eaten. Two thumbs up for the chefs.

I am very happy with this Alova Gold Cruise. I would not hesitate to recommend you cruising with Alova Gold Cruise. Moreover, if you go for honeymoon. Ha Long Bay Cruise at winter night will be very romantic.

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Top Deck of Alova Cruise

Top Deck of Alova Cruise

How?, are you wandering to visit Ha Long Bay in Vietnam too?, Click here to view the map.

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