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Visiting to the Library of Alexandria, you will find many important manuscripts of various religions. In the library there are manuscripts produced by best scholars about geometry, trigonometry, astronomy, language, literature and medicine. Even the text books of Hebrew ancient language by Jewish scholars are exist in this museum.

Library of Alexandria has many valuable collections, such as important collections of 5000 classical manuscripts of the 10th-18th century There are also important record entitled Napoleon Description de’lEgypte, which recounts the events of France attacks the city of Alexandria.

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In addition to collecting books, the library is also working hard to create a complete Egyptian history. In fact, these efforts involve many historians from different countries. Collection of books throughout the reading room is a donation from all over the world and covers a wide range of subjects and languages.

One spectacular part of the library is the main reading room covering an area of 70,000 square meters and can accommodate 2,000 readers at a time. In addition, there are also 200 spaces used by scholars and researchers to learn.

The Library of Alexandria building resembles a cylinder, with many windows. Southern part of the wall decorated by lot pieces of granites with the letter symbols around the world. because the building located in front of Mediterranean sea, when night come, a dramatic impression emerges from the water surface that reflects golen light of street lamps.

Library of Alexandria that we can see now is the result of ‘redevelopment’ of library that was destroyed in the past. The ancient Library of Alexandria was founded by the king’s Ptolemey Soter, the first king of the dynasty Diadoch. This library becomes very large under his successors Ptolemey Philadelphus (285-247SM) and Ptolemey Eurgetes (247-221 BC).

Between the third and sixth century AD Alexandria city often experience wars and conflict between Jews, Christians and other religions. Unfortunately the grandeur of this great library repeatedly hitted by bad luck. Roman emperor, Julius Caesar ordered to set fire to the building in war against Ptolemy. The fire had destroyed most precious manuscripts. As fire raise, almost all townspeople intervened to extinguish the fire. Even the people’s effor to defend the library in the past, finally in 300 AD the Library was destroyed to the ground. the library Now we can see is the result of ‘revival’ of the library of Alexandria, which was inaugurated by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in 2002 and has name Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Map to Library of Alexandria

Pictures of Library of Alexandria

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Bibliotheca Alexandrina (


Outside of Library of Alexandria

Outside of Library of Alexandria (rackcdn)


Bibliotheca Alexandrina Conference Center

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Conference Center (wikipedia)


Bibliotheca Alexandrina Library

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Library (wikipedia)


Bibliotheca Alexandrina Front Side

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Front Side (panoramio)


New Library of Alexandria

New Library of Alexandria


Library of Alexandria Painting

Library of Alexandria Painting (youtube)

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