Gold Coast Beaches – Amazing Coastal Area of Queensland (Australia)

Beautiful Gold Coast


Visiting Australia is not complete if you have not been taking time to visit its one of the most famous tourism cities, This city is the Gold Coast, which is located in the state of Queensland.

Gold Coast is so famous for its tourism, which also become the main revenue for the city. The main attraction of Gold Coast is certainly the beaches with a length of up to 57 km. Many famous beaches is located in the city, such as Surfers Paradise, Broad beach, Palm Beach and Duranbah Beach. The beaches of Gold Coast are very popular among surfers both from Australia and Other countries around the world.

The beaches of Gold coast is Long and have smooth sands, very smooth, shimmering like golden. The area has Subtropical climate with with the level of humidity and sun light is so bright and warm.

Gold Coast city is a popular destination for tourists who come to visit Queensland. Travelers who come to visit the Gold Coast not only from overseas but also locals who want to enjoy the holiday at the beach. therefore in This city is getting a lot of hotels, resorts and apartments that can accommodate the large number of tourists.

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Pictures of Gold Coast Beaches

Gold Coast of Queensland

Gold Coast of Queensland (mitchellrealestate)


Gold Coast Australia

Gold Coast Australia (


Buildings of Gold Coast

Buildings of Gold Coast (hickeylawyers)


Gold Coast Beach

Gold Coast Beach (goldcoastmeats)


Beautiful Gold Coast

Beautiful Gold Coast (preciseair)


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