Giant’s Causeway – Most Unique Natural Rocks Formation on Earth

Giants Causeway Unique Surface


Ireland is one of Great Britain countries. Not many people know that Ireland has many beautiful places. One of the recommendation that you can visit during a trip to Ireland is the Giant’s Causeway. This place manages to attract many tourists every year because its uniqueness.

Giant’s Causeway is one of the most unique beaches in the world. This beach has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986, and was included in the national nature reserve of Ireland in 1987.

One thing that makes the Giant’s Causeway so unique is the fact that this place is made up of about 40,000 natural rocks in unique similar shapes. The rocks shape in Giant’s Causeway is hexagonal, although there are also some are rectangular, pentagonal, or even octagonal. The highest stone column has a height of 12 meters. Giant’s Causeway is the most popular tourist attraction in Northern Ireland.

According to the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, these unique stones of Giant’s Causeway are formed due to volcanic eruptions that occurred in ancient times. Lava from the eruption of the volcano contacts with sea water, the Sudden changes in temperature cause the lava cooled in a very short time. fast cooling process changed the lava into a unique shaped stones.

In contrast to scientific opinion, the Irish legend says there was a giant of Irish build shortcuts to Scotland to fight agiant there. But when he built the road, he fell asleep. At that moment, a giant of Scotland emerged and interest to fight the giant of Irish. But seeing his large size, the giant of Scotland became fear then ran back to Scotland, closing the road that have been made by gigantic stones.

Map to Giant’s Causeway

Pictures of Giant’s Causeway

Tourist on Top of Giant's Causeway Rocks

Tourist on Top of Giant’s Causeway Rocks (


Basalt Columns Of Giant's Causeway at Sunset

Basalt Columns Of Giant’s Causeway at Sunset (


Giant's Causeway Polygonales Rocks

Giant’s Causeway Polygonales Rocks (


Giant's Causeway of Ireland

Giant’s Causeway of Ireland (


Giant's Causeway Beach of Ireland

Giant’s Causeway Beach of Ireland (


Giant's Causeway Unique Rocks

Giant’s Causeway Unique Rocks (


Unique Giant's Causeway of Ireland

Unique Giant’s Causeway of Ireland (


Unesco World Heritage Site Giant's Causeway of Ireland

Unesco World Heritage Site Giant’s Causeway of Ireland (

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