Taisteal Leideanna chun Weh Island (Sumatra, Indonesia)

Beauty of Weh Island (diariovasco)

  Mairg Íoslainn (Indinéisis: pulau Weh, Tribe áitiúil: Pulo Weh / Sabang ) Is oileán beag volcanic gníomhach iarthuaisceart Sumatra, suite thart 2 hours by ferry from mainland, Banda Aceh. Weh Island was originally connected to the Sumatra mainland and became separated after the volcano’s eruption attacks in the past.[1] The Weh island is precisely located in the Andaman

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Swiss National Park

Beautiful Swiss National Park

  Switzerland is so famous for its enchanting natural beauty. There you can enjoy the beautiful color of white snow on the peak of Alps, mingled with the beautiful blue sky and the green valley. Actually There are several tourism spots that you can visit if you’re traveling to Switzerland, and one of the best way to enjoy the natural

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