Extraordinary Tips for Budget Traveling in london

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London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the European continent. London in England is also well-known for its expensive cost of living. The backpacker who wants to go there usually prepare a quite big budget. But do not worry, there are some tips for holiday in London to be more efficient. If you one of people who have dream to enjoy a trip to London, the following tips will be very useful for you.


1. Find Cheap hostel

london's hostel

london’s hostel

Rather than in a hotel, we recommend you stay at a hostel in order to get a cheaper price. Privacy may not like in a hotel, but hostel facilities usually already quite complete and comfortable.

If you need a cheap lodging, in London there are hostels which put the lowest possible rate between $20-$40 per night for a dorm room. The facilities are pretty good, because they usually prepare breakfast for free in the morning and come with free Wifi, laundry, tv, etc.

One hostel with a strategic location with affordable price is the Astor Hyde Park. It is in the Kensington, close to Natural History Museum and Kensington Palace. Price to stay per night start from £18.

2. Use Oyster Card for Transportation

london oyster card

london oyster card

For cheaper transportation while in London, we strongly recommend you to use the Oyster card. Oyster cards can be used for underground ticket payment or tube and buses in the city. Fees paid by using the Oyster card is much cheaper than buying a regular ticket.

Oyster cards can be purchased at any train station. Oyster card system is using deposits. You pay the first amount of money, then each time you tap the card before boarding to tube and bus, your balance in Oyster cards will be reduced automatically.

3. Visit Landmarks for free

london museum

london museum

If you want to save money during the holidays in London, you firstly should learn the tourist attractions there because actually there are pretty much popular tourist attractions that can be visited for free.

One place that can be visited freely in London is the Cathedral. Many Cathedral in London does not charge a dime on tourists. Inside these cathedrals you can see collections and the beauty of ancient architecture. Museums also can be visited without charge in London, such as the British Museum, Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

You also can see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, go to many beautiful parks, bridges, Piccadilly Circus, and others for free. All the places is no less amazing to paid tourist spots in London.

4. Cheap Food

food of taste card london

food of taste card london

Each hostels typically provide a free breakfast like cereal, bread and milk. There is also a toaster and a microwave to warm food. so on morning you can have breakfast for free if you are sleeping in the hostel.

In addition, another tips for you who wants to get food at a cheap price in London is by using “taste card”. with the taste card you can save about 50% of food budget in many restaurants. Taste Card is one of the most favorite tool for tourists in London who wants get quality food in cheaper prices.

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