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Winter and Christmas are two things that can’t be separated. When the Christmas holiday is coming, family time is worth to have. If you want to experience the beautiful Christmas with the snow and northern lights, you can come to the Northern Europeans countries that will give you the best holiday ever. Finland and Norway are the best recommendation to spend your family time in Christmas. You can stay in the unique to traditional styles resorts in Finland and Norway. There are plenty of Christmas resorts families you can find through internet, but this article will provide the best one. Let’s pack up the bag to those beautiful countries!

Watch the Northern Lights from the Glass Igloo in Kakslauttanen Christmas Resorts Family



Aurora borealis or what we know as northern lights always attract tourists around the world. To see these lights, you need to go to the Northern part of the world. One of the European countries that have beautiful view and spots for enjoying the northern lights is Lapland, Finland. Situated close to the Arctic, Finland has its beautiful spots to spend for your Christmas holiday.

If you decide to spend your Christmas holiday with family, you can stay in Kakslaittanen Christmas resorts family in Lapland. There are plenty options you can choose, but the best one is the glass igloos. You can enjoy the northern lights without hiking the land through the glass ceiling. Isn’t it amazing? The price per night for a person is quite expensive. But, it’s worth it! It costs 400 Euros per night! However, you can have the best facilities such as tour to discover northern lights and visit the House of Santa. The room is fully furnished with kitchen and living room as well as the private bathroom.

Traditional Touch in Sorrisniva Family Resort

Christmas with Family

Christmas with Family

Let’s move to other part of northern Europe. Norway is the best place to experience the northern light. You can spend your time together with your family here while watching the northern lights and playing the snow balls. One of the best Christmas resorts family is in Sorrisniva. It is located in the middle of the forest close to the Arctic. Can you imagine the landscape there? Sorrisniva family resort is the best way for those who are looking for resorts family in Norway. The resort has the world service, including the interior of the rooms. You can have the best service and facilities here such as the staff that speaks many languages and also the room facilities which will blow your mind.

The outdoor hot tubs are the extraordinary facility you can get as well as the thermal blanket to protect you from the constant temperature between -7 until -10 degrees in winter. You can also enjoy the best coffee which served in the ice glass. This one of the best Christmas resorts family costs around 300 Euros per night. Enjoy your Christmas holiday with the family! The list of Christmas resorts family can be used for your guidance!

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