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If you are a big fan of sports or music and happen to plan a trip to Paris, Stade de France is a place you definitely have to visit. It hosts many kinds of major sports events, mainly football and rugby. The UEFA Category 4 stadium is also a preferred venue by musicians around the world, and many of them frequently perform here. If your visiting time happens to coincide with tour dates or games, going here will be a very memorable memory and an exciting experience that you can share with your relatives once you get home!

A Brief History of Stade de France and Its Facilities

Located just north of Paris in Saint-Denis, Stade de France is listed as a primary stadium and the national stadium of France. The stadium is the biggest in France and the sixth biggest in all of Europe. The planning for this building started when France was chosen as the host for 1998 FIFA World Cup in 1992. After planning stages completed, the government appointed some contractors and the construction began in 1995. With construction spending of €290 Million, the stadium was officially opened on 28 January 1998 with a friendly match between France and Spain, which was won by a lone goal from French footballer Zinedine Zidane. The stadium continued to host 1998 FIFA World Cup – which was also won by France –, 2000 and 2006 UEFA Champions League Final, 2003 World Championships in Athletics, 2009 Coupe de France Final, 2010 Heineken Cup Final, and several other friendly international matches and local or national competitions.

If you are interested in watching music concerts, Stade de France also hosts regular music performances. Usually big names like Roger Waters, Coldplay, Eminem, Lady Gaga, and Madonna perform here as part of their tours.


You can enjoy either sports or music in Stade de France comfortably as their capacity is huge with 81,338 seats. On event days, there are kiosks that sell food and beverages with affordable prices that you can enjoy while you watch some exciting matches or concerts. The stadium also has a restaurant that also opens on off event days, by which you have to book first before dining here. Le {Club} Restaurant’s location is very strategic and has a good view over the arena if you want to have your meal and watch the matches in the same time. The restaurant offers refined cuisine and collaborates with Maison Lenotre for the mouthwatering desserts.

How to Get to Stade De France

If you are planning to go to Stade de France, it is best to go there by public transportations like the bus and the trains, as the parking spots are very limited. You can also go there by river shuttles that can drop you at the nearby historical Canal Saint-Denis.

The stadium offers one and half hour tours for tourists in French and English languages, with ticket prices of €15 for adults, €10 for children of 5-18 years, €40 for 2 adults and 2 children package, and free for children under the age of 5. The exact location of Stade de France is 93200 Saint-Denis. You can call + 33 1 55 93 00 00 if you have questions regarding of how to go there.

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