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For you who are fans of theme parks, there are two largest theme park recommended to visit when on travel to South Korea, The Lotte World and The Everland. Both are equally interesting, but this time specifically Tourism-spot.com will explain you about Everland.

Everland is a giant theme park which is located in Yongin, a city in the province of Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Everland is the largest theme park in South Korea. Everland was firstly opened in 1976 as the first family park in Korea. At the beginning it has name Yongin Jayeon Nongwon. Everland ever ranked tenth as world’s best theme park in the world. Everland is operated by Samsung Everland, which is a subsidiary of the Samsung Group.

Everland opened from 9.30 am to 10 pm daily. Everland is very huge and you will probably spend several days if you want to explore all the attraction inside. Generally Everland divided into 5 different zones, namely the Global Fair, Zoo-Topia, European Adventure, Magic Land and American Adventure.

1.Global Fair
The place that specialized for foods and souvenirs. There are plenty of shops and restaurants in this area.

Global Fair of Everland

Global Fair of Everland


Global Fair Everland

Global Fair Everland


This area built specially in animals world theme.

Zoo-Topia Everland

Zoo-Topia Everland (trover.com)


Zoo-Topia of Everland

Zoo-Topia of Everland (everydaykorea)


3.European Adventure
The European style adventure. In this area there are many buildings with European style. The Favorite attraction here is the Mystery Mansion where visitors can Shoot the ghosts.

Everland European Adventure

Everland European Adventure (paradiseintheworld)


European Adventure Everland

European Adventure Everland


4.Magic Land
In this area there are many spectacular rides, the most interesting is a Ferris wheel where we can see entire view of Everland from the top.

Everland - Magic Land

Everland – Magic Land (adventuretravel)


5. The American Adventure
An area that specialized in theme of American history. It is divided into two sections: the Wild West and The Rodeo.

American Adventure Everland

American Adventure Everland


View Larger: Map to Everland

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