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  Travelling this Christmas? Get a peace of mind and ensure your Christmas vacation goes smooth and easy when you prepare beforehand and travel smart. Christmas Vacation Tips for a Smooth Vacation Check your travel documents Make a checklist for your travels. Check them at least twice to make sure you don’t forget your essentials such as your travel documents.

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ValparaisoHome of Street Art (Chile)

Colorful Valparaiso

  Valparaiso word meaning Valley of Paradise (Valle Paraíso), City of Valparaiso located in the middle of the country of Chile, approximately 120 km to the southwest of the capital Santiago. Valparaiso is one of the most colorful cities in the world and it is also home to the lovers of street art. Märksõnad: Valparaiso?village painting,valparaisoart de la ruestreet art,वैलपराइसो

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Seest Vatican Museum

  Neile teist, kes tahavad olla puhkus Itaalias Rooma linna, siis reisi on vähem täielik, kui sa ei ole üks millega kohandatakse vanimaid muuseume kogu: Vatikani muuseum. Vatikani muuseum (Itaalia: Musei Vaticani) kogumine suuremate kunstnike Michelangelo ajastu hoone on, Raphael, Leonardo

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BLOEMENMARKTFloating Flower Market

Tulips For Sale at Bloemenmarkt

  One of the unique attractions in Amsterdam, Netherlands is a floating flower market “Bloemenmarkt”. Of course, for plants lovers, this place is like a heaven. Bloemenmarkt is a traditional flower market that sells various types of plants, both seeds or grown ones. Starting from tulips, roses, cannabis, until the carnivorous plants like venus flytrap. Shops in the Bloemenmarkt floating

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