DAM SQUARE (Amsterdam)

Event on Dam Square

  Dam Square or the dam (Holandés: de Dam), is a town square in the Dutch capital: Amsterdam. Is a special location that has many important buildings and it is one of the most famous yet important locations of the city. Dam Square was made in the 13th century around the Amstel River. Its development objective is to prevent the

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Leidseplein Square Night

  If you are in visit to Netherlands, then the tourist spots that must be visited firstly is Amsterdam. It is a favorite tourist spot for almost all the tourists who come to netherlands. Why should Amsterdam? Because Amsterdam has so many interesting places that can make us wonder about it. There are many tourist attractions that you can visit

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Plaza de la Señoría – La mayoría Favorito punto turístico de Florencia

Piazza della Signoria de Florencia, en la noche

  Florence is a city that has so many interesting historical records and has become one of the most beautiful city in Europe. en lengua italiana personas llaman a esta ciudad como Florencia, mientras que el término Florencia es una traducción Inglés. Varios artistas de talla mundial nació en esta ciudad, tales como Lenardo da Vinci, Miguel, etc.. There are many famous attractions in

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