Edensor – Beautiful Inspirational Village in England

Edensor Village of England


Edensor is a small village in Derbyshire, England. This village is the nearby village of Chatsworth House.Edensor pronounced by the British themselves with the word “Enzor” instead of “Edensor”. The village is popular among Indonesian people because the village is so praised in a famous novel written by Andrea Hirata.

Edensor, truly heavenly place with charm that can brings peace. the village atmosphere, the fresh air and hills that extend accompanied by flowing river really can make all the visitors who come amazed with its beauty.

When visiting Edensor we can see the expanse of green pastures as far as the eye can see. It also contains Farmhouses that still made of stone and wooden roofs, Thousands of sheep spread out and live in peace on the grass land.

The most popular building in Edensor is St Peter’s Church, It Was built in 1870. In addition, Near Edensor there also an attraction called Chatworth House which is a large house that was used as residence for Dukes of Devonshire, The place became the location of filming Pride and Prejudice.

If you come in August, ahead of the autumn, you can see very beautiful scenery of Edensor. From a distance green hills adorned with trees with reddish leaves look like a painting. At The season usually farmer herding their sheeps on the pasture. Usually in the spring also many couples spend their weekends to enjoy the view and chatting under apple trees.

Map to Edensor

Pictures of Beautiful Edensor

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