Darvaja – Incredible Journey to Hell’s Door

Darvaja - The Door to Hell


Darvaza or commonly called The Door to Hell is an eternal fire crater, This crater located in the heart of the Karakum Desert in Derweze, Turkmenistan. The scenery offered in this place is so extraordinary. stand on the edge as look into crater we can feel the nuances of hell on earth.

Although this crater has been dubbed as “The Door to Hell”, but it has potential as a tourist attraction. many people come to this place every year.

How Darvaza Crater Formed

Actually Darvaza crater is a former region for the energy exploration industry that founded in 1970s. In 1971, Turkmenistan was still part of the Soviet power, the scientists intend to explore the area Karakum which is estimated to have large stock of crude oil. They built a modern drilling system on that place.

Scientists have prepared everything well when to start drilling, but unfortunately, their prediction are wrong, Instead of finding crude oil, they found natural gas in large numbers and uncontrolled. The land not able to accommodate the heavy equipment that had been placed so the landslide occurred. Their machines and all installed system burried to the ground.

Danger of Darvaza Crater

Natural gas is a mixture of hydrocarbon gas and methane that is odorless. It will disappear into the atmosphere within a period of 10 years. Scientists worry that methane gas would danger ecosystem around the crater The scientists decided that their best option is to burn the gas and made the crater on fire. They done it by throwing a grenade into the hole, They predict the gas leak will be completed within a week.

But again the prediction was wrong. Because scientists only estimate the volume of methane above the hole, but does not predict the amount underground. Finally, the fire that was initially expected to be extinguished within a week, the fact it is never can be extinguished over the years, even to this day (over 43 years)

Map to Darvaza Crater

Spectacular View of Door to Hell – Darvaja

Darvaja - The Door to Hell

Darvaja – The Door to Hell (wikimedia.org)


Edge of Darvaja

Edge of Darvaja (roughandreadytours.net)


Tourist on The Edge of Darvaja

Tourist on The Edge of Darvaja (remotelands.com)


Scientist do some research at Darvaja

Scientist do some research at Darvaja (static.guim.co.uk)


Team of Researcher at Darvaja

Team of Researcher at Darvaja (static.independent.co.uk)


A Tourist Taking Photo of Darvaja - Door to Hell

A Tourist Taking Photo of Darvaja – Door to Hell (staticflickr.com)


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