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The city of Montreux in Switzerland not only spoil the eyes of the traveler with it’s amazing view. The city has a medieval buildings, especially beautiful castles. One of which is Chillon Castle which stands majestically on the bank of Lake Geneva.

Chillon Castle or in French called “Château de Chillon” is located about five kilometers southeast of the city of Montreux. The castle is one of the most beautiful and very well known castles in Switzerland.

Annually, more than 350,000 visitors who come to see the Chillon Castle, it makes this building as one of the most favorite historic building in Europe. The architectural style of the castle and the position that lies at the edge of the lake with a backdrop of the Alps make Chillon castle always been a tourism icon of Switzerland.

History records this castle firstly established in the year 1005. The Chillon castle initially function as an observation post of the Roman Empire, to oversee the strategic lines of Alps.
Furthermore, throughout the 16th century the castle was used as a special prison for political prisoners.

Inside the Chillon castle there are very charming interior design, including a master bedroom, hall and cellar. One of the oldest rooms and most interesting is The Domini Camera that was inhabited by the Count of Savoy.

Make sure if you want to visit the Chillon Castle it is not on the winter, because the castle will be closed for tourists.

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chillon castle

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