Castel Sant’Angelo – Epic Historical Building of Italy

Castel Sant'Angelo at Night


Have you seen the epic movie Angels and Demons? If so, you will definitely be familiar with the building Castel Sant ‘Angelo. Castel Sant’Angelo is one of the most favorite tourist attraction in Italy. If you are someone who likes traveling to Europe then you should pay a visit to Castel Sant ‘Angelo.

Castel Sant ‘Angelo is a cylindrical-shaped ancient castle located on the right bank of the river Tiber. named Castel Sant ‘Angelo after the Great Pope Gregory had a vision of the Archangel Michael wrap His sword above the place, this is lately become the reason why they sculpt a beautiful statue of an arcangel michael above the Castel Sant’ Angelo.

Castel Sant ‘Angelo was built by King Hadrian as his personal mausoleum (graveyard). The building finished in year 139. After functioned as a graveyard this place changed into a part of the city wall and then turned into a fortress and the last become military barracks as well as a prison.

Now Castel Sant ‘Angelo is used as a National Museum. Walk towards the Castel Sant’Angelo ther is a beautiful bridge decorated by statues of angels on the left and right side. In the Castel Sant ‘Angelo there is a Secret corridor known as Passetto di Borgo, which connects Castel Sant’Angelo to the Vatican. This corridor used by Pope Clement VII and His Swiss Guards to rescue refugees from Charles de Bourbon army in 1527.

Map to Castel Sant’Angelo

Pictures of Castel Sant’Angelo

Castel Sant'Angelo of Rome

Castel Sant’Angelo of Rome (


Castel Sant'Angelo at Night

Castel Sant’Angelo at Night (


Castel Sant'Angelo

Castel Sant’Angelo (


Statue of Michael Above Castel Sant'Angelo

Statue of Michael Above Castel Sant’Angelo (


Statue of Angel at Castel Sant'Angelo

Statue of Angel at Castel Sant’Angelo (


Inside Castel Sant'Angelo

Inside Castel Sant’Angelo (



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