Casa Mila – Gaudi’s Most Respectful Architecture in Barcelona

Casa Mila Interior


Many works of Gaudi reflecting his interest in life, architecture, nature, and religion. Gaudi has a deep attention to every detail of his work, which combining architecture with craft designs, such as ceramics, stained glass, and wood sculpture.

The works of Gaudí received wide acclaim from the international community and numerous studies were conducted to study and understand hisarchitecture. One of the masterpiece of Gaudi world-class architecture is a unique building located in Barcelona named Casa Mila or La Pedrera.

Casa Mila is an apartment building located on the corner of Passeig de Gracia. The shape is very unique and different from regular buildings in his era, it is claimed as one of the best architecture of Barcelona. in 1984, Casa Mila officially declared as one of World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Casa Mila was built in 1906 – 1912 by Antoni Gaudi for a couple Roser Segimon and Pere Mila, which functioned as apartments for rent. Casa Mila apartment was designed for bourgeoisie in Barcelona at the beginning of the 20th century. Furniture and home appliances was designed by Gaudi himself, including doors, door handles, as well as the floor.

Beside the apartment rooms, there is also a museum gallery inside the Casa Mila . In the museum we can see a big screen showing the history of Antoni Gaudi, philosophy of his achitecture, and also the making of four famous buildings created by Gaudi: Casa Batllo, La Pedrera (Casa Mila), Park Guell and Sagrada Familia.

Apartment rooms in Casa Mila designed very well so sunlight can enter into the room. The most famous part of this building is the very top or the roof which has chimneys in various unique shapes. there are several chimney-shaped resembles the head of a ancient knights, this statue was made by Antoni Gaudi. The roof is a perfect place for taking pictures because the color of the building which dominated by a yellowish color combined with the bright blue sky of Barcelona. We can also see beautiful city sights of Barcelona from the roof of La Pedrera.

In addition to the Gallery Museum and the extraordinary rooftop, Casa Mila also has a souvenir shop for visitors to buy souvenirs. A visit to Casa Mila is something will never be forgotten by any visitor. Admission ticket to Casa Mila is quite cheap, it is just 17 euro.

Map to Casa Mila

Pictures of Casa Mila

Casa Mila

Casa Mila


Casa Mila of Antoni Gaudi

Casa Mila of Antoni Gaudi (


Rooftop Casa Mila

Rooftop Casa Mila (wikipedia)


Casa Mila Interior

Casa Mila Interior (


Bathroom of Casa Mila

Bathroom of Casa Mila (


Miniature of Casa Mila inside the Museum

Miniature of Casa Mila inside the Museum (


La Pedrera

La Pedrera


Casa Mila Balcony

Casa Mila Balcony (flickr)


From Top of Casa Mila

From Top of Casa Mila (flickr)


Outdoor Hall Inside Casa Mila

Outdoor Hall Inside Casa Mila (


Chimney of Casa Mila

Chimney of Casa Mila (


Chimneys of La Pedrera

Chimneys of La Pedrera (

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