Casa do Penedo (Portugal) Flintstone House in Real World

Flintstone house in real world


Do you ever imagine living in the age of the Flintstones? Where you can occupy a warm house made of giant Stone. A very unique building made of large stones like in Flintsones cartoon can be found in the mountains of Fafe, Portugal, it is called Casa do Penedo.

Inspired by the Flintstones, this unique house built between two giant rocks of Mount Fafe. It is a house that combines the stone age and the modern architecture. The house is very impressive, and able to make foreign tourists flocked to see it.

The Homeowners Vitor Rodrigues said that the purpose of the house has changed in which initially only as a home stay to a popular tourist destination where many people visit it.

The old house with a quite large size at the first glance looks like a house in general. The exterior was looks simple, There is a door on the front, and some windows surround, and some wall part connected with two giant stones.

Exterior Casa do Penedo from outside looks so minimalist. Primitive design, completed with dry moss on the stone. However, the facilities inside the house is quite complete. Wood furnitures, fireplaces, and extraordinary beddings like in expensive hotel. Moreover, This house has a swimming pool inside and the windows are bulletproof.

Casa do Penedo located at an altitude about 792 meters above sea level. Around the stone house, there is a lush green hills. Not far enogh, there are many beautiful windmills functioned to change the wind power into electricity.

Pictures of Casa do Penedo

Casa do Penedo Portugal

Casa do Penedo Portugal (


Visit to House of Stone Portugal

Visit to House of Stone Portugal (


Stone house Backside

Stone house Backside


Flintstone house in real world

Flintstone house in real world (


House of Stone (youtube)

House of Stone (youtube)


Inside House of Stone Portugal

Inside House of Stone Portugal (


Casa do Penedo Inside

Casa do Penedo Inside (

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