Cano Cristales – Amazing 5 Colors Lake (Colombia)

5 colors river


Usually a river has clear or brown color, However there is a special river that has various colors, it is The Cano Cristales River. Cano Cristales river is one of the most unique river in the world. It is located in Colombia, and it has 5 different colors.

Cano Cristales is a small river in central Colombia, located in the Serrania de la Macarena, Meta province. Because of its beauty, the river has many nicknames, such as the river that flows from the Heaven ‘,’ River of Five Colors’ and ‘Melting Rainbow’. Even CNN Travel include it in the list of 15 best rivers in the world. Various different colors of Cano Cristales river make this river as the only river in the world that has beautiful water (Read Also: Wuhua Hai -Stunning 5 Color Lake of China). The water color is red, blue, yellow, orange and green.

Unique color in the river of Caño Cristales caused by combination color of algae, the water, and the rocks in the river. The best time see this unique phenomenon is during the summer. The five colors of the river can only be seen from July to December. This happened because in that period air temperature is warm enough for moss and algae in the river.

Beauty colors of Caño Cristales river are fantastic as photographic object. A traveler willing to penetrate the dense forests to reach this place. The river is located in a secluded area, isolated, and not easily accessible by vehicle. Cano Cristales river can only be achieved using horses or mules, and just a little number of travel agency offer trip to the place. The destination is like a newly founded treasure. Actually the surrounding area was closed to tourists for many years as there are militant rebel group activities against the government hide there.

When entering the area Cano Cristales river, every visitor is expected to obey the rules made by locals, such as no swimming, step on the moss or algae, and drink alcohol on the riverbank. From January to May, Cano Cristales closed to the public.

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Pictures of Cano Cristales

Cano Cristales River

Cano Cristales River (


Cano Cristales River Color

Cano Cristales River Color (youtube)


Cano Cristales River of Colombia

Cano Cristales River of Colombia (


Picture of Cano Cristales River

Picture of Cano Cristales River (nosabesnada)


Amazing Cano Cristales River

Amazing Cano Cristales River (


Water of Cano Cristales River

Water of Cano Cristales River (rebeccaadventuretravel)


5 colors river

5 colors river (revealcolombia)


Cano Cristales Water Color

Cano Cristales Water Color (


Photo of Cano Cristales River

Photo of Cano Cristales River (radiosantafe)

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