Cancun – Top 1st Favorite Beach in Mexico

cancun beach of mexico


Cancun is one of the famous tourist cities located in the province of Quintana Roo, Mexico. Cancun in Mexico is a Popular seaside resort, where the sun shines brightly, with beautiful sand beaches and surfing spots.

Beach is the main attraction for tourists come to Cancun. The name ‘cancun’ comes from ancient Mexican language, which means golden snake. Although the name of Cancun like a wild beast, there you will not find any dangerous snake. Cancun beach will look like a snake having golden color because of light reflection of sunset that can be seen from the top of a cliff in the afternoon.

In Cancun, you can do various interesting activities, such as watersport, parasailing, snorkelling, jet skiing,etc. On the beach of Cancun you can also play volleyball, while Diving and snorkelling are the most favorite ones.

Cancun beach is the most popular beach in Mexico. You will find many resorts, bars, nightclubs and hotels not far from the beach. Cancun is a beach visited by many foreign tourists every year because most people in this area speak English.

Americans frequently go to Cancun for Bachelor Party because place relly fits for clubbing and sunbathe. All things wanted by single man can be reached in the Cancun Beach, Starting from the view of the beach, the bar, to the women in bikini.

Been to Cancun feels incomplete if you have not been visit Chichen Itza, an ancient archaeological site of Mayan heritage and number 2 of most visited tourism spot in Mexico after Teotihuacan.

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cancun beach of mexico

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