Black Forest (Schwarzwald ) – World’s Scariest Forest Ever

Mystical Black Forest of Germany


Germany is one of the most wanted holiday destination for young travelers. Behind the beauty of its cities, Germany has a forest that covered with mystical beauty and mystery called Black Forest. The darkness sense of the forest became inspiration for Grimm Brothers to make ‘Snow White’ fairy tale.

Black Forest, or Schwarzwald is the largest natural park in Germany. Black Forest is located in Baden-Wurttemberg, southwestern Germany.

Black Forest is a tourist destination that well known because it has strong spooky sense and it is so dark even in daytime. This forest filled with spruce and pine that grow dense thus block the sunlight. This led the forest become so dark and cause frighten to people who passes in the woods. As reported by BBC Travel Site on Wednesday (25/06/2014), Black Forest listed as one of the five most creepy forest in the world.

Visitors who explore the Black Forest suggested to memorize the way home and do not get lost. If lost, it will be difficult to find a way back because of the dark circumstances. Visit this forest area, visitors not only treated to nature and cross-country activities such as hiking, near this forest there are also open-air museum called Schwarzwälder Freilichtmuseum.

Map to Black Forest (Schwarzwald)

Images of Black Forest (Schwarzwald)

Darkness of Black Forest

Darkness of Black Forest (


Black Forest Trees

Black Forest Trees (


Roads in Black Forest

Roads in Black Forest


Beautiful Darkness of Schwarzwald

Beautiful Darkness of Schwarzwald (


Traveler inside black forest

Traveler inside black forest (


Black Forest Germany Trees

Black Forest Germany Trees (


Beautiful Scenery of Black Forest Germany

Beautiful Scenery of Black Forest Germany (


Mystical Black Forest of Germany

Mystical Black Forest of Germany (


Scary Sense of Black Forest

Scary Sense of Black Forest (


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