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Biarritz located in Pays basque region, in parts of the South West of France. Biarritz is one of the world’s most favorite cities that often become host for world surfing competition. Biarritz is very beautiful, it is located on a curved bay with a backdrop of mountains.

From the city of Paris, Biarritz is only 1 hour 30 minutes away. Entering the coastal resorts people will immediately feel a sense of wonder and comfortable at the same time. temperatures of the area are a favorite for tourists. in winter it never freeze, And in the summer it never too hot.

Biarritz is a beautiful city, rich in cultural and historical events. Biarritz in the past used as a vacation spot for royalty, in the city most of the bourgeois come to enjoy holiday.

The Sea waves of Biarritz is so perfect surfers. The place is also suitable to relax enjoying the sunlight and drink cocktail.

There is an interesting icon on the beach side on the biarritz called virgin’s rock, In the form of white woman statue who stands above a large rock and overlooking the sea. to get closer to the place visitor should pass through the bridge stone and occasionally gets exposured by sea water because of waves that hit the reefs. From the top of this rock, we can enjoy the beauty of the Gulf of Biarritz.

Tourism facilities in Biarritz region not only offer natural attractions. Travelers have many options, such as a museum, a play ground, which includes pools and casinos, as well as shopping and culinary centers. Biarritz will never be boring. The beaches, the city and the cookies are delicious. For lovers of the beach, Biarritz should be visited if you are in France.

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Biarritz Beach

Biarritz Beach (globalsemesters)


biarritz aerial Photo

biarritz aerial Photo (edenluxuryhomes)


France Biarritz

France Biarritz (wikipedia)


biarritz of france

biarritz of france (cycle-hire) 

Biarritz tourist beach and rocks

Biarritz tourist beach and rocks (cia-france)


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