Сант Jeroni, най-доброто място да видите Каталония красота

Сант Jerone

  If you meet adventurers on your trip to Spain, they will mention Sant Jeroni as the best place for hiking. Sant Jeroni is situated in the Catalonia, Испания. This hiking spot is actually a mountain range. The wide-open area is overlooking the busting city of Catalonia. Even though the mountain range is located on elevation of 1,236 м, The

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Matagalls среща – Хипнотизиращ природен пейзаж на Барселона


  Here comes another popular tourist destination in Spain, the summit of Matagalls. Actually, Matagalls is a part of famous mountainous in Northeast of Barcelona that is known as Sierra del Montsenny. Located not too far from sea, the Sierra del Montsenny becomes the most important massif among the Catalan Prelittoral Sierra and is known to be well marked mountain

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Gran Encantat – Unbelieveble пътуване за авантюрист

Gran Encantat

  Gran encantat is the rock mountain located in Spain. The exact location is Pyrenees, Catalonia. In this area, two peaks are categorized into Els Encantats. Besides Gran Encantat, another peak is Petite Enchantet. Both of them are like sibling. This mountain has height approximately 2476 м.. It is quite lesser than Petiti Enchantet because it can reach more than

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Необикновено пътешествие да достигне върха на Canigou връх


  Spain and France is separated with natural border called Iberian Peninsula. In this area, Pyrenees takes place as the top peaks. Several rock mountains compose this area and they can be found in Spain or France. One of them is Canigou. It is located in southern part of France. Canigou has elevation approximately 2784 м.. Actually, it is not

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Трябва да посетите място в Швейцария трябва да знаете


  Have you ever traveled to Switzerland? If you haven’t, you better plan your traveling properly before going there. Even though it is included as small country, you would be amazed with many beautiful spots that are worth visiting in this country. Plan and know well the places to be visited. There are numerous lakes which will be excellent place

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Великолепни сайтове, за да проучи в Тибидадо (Барселона)

Увеселителен парк Тибидабо - holidaysinbarcelona.co.uk

  The name is Tibidabo, като една от планините в Барселона. Това място е много интересно с красива природа и ландшафт. Посетителите са в състояние да видите огромния град поглед от върха. Разбира се, не може да бъде погрешно, че това място е в Испания. Everyone knows about Barcelona and recognizes Tibidabo from far due to mountain-based form. The next

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Как да получите планина Монсерат – Трябва да знаете!

Планина Монсерат - suitelife.com

  Монсерат планина е планинска верига от седиментни скали. Това е част от Барселона, което се очертава като популярна туристическа атракция. Като рок базирани планина, има някои въпроси, за да се считат поради географски състояние. Някои съвети са на разположение за посетителите да достигнат планина Монсерат. Като пътуване към планина Монсерат от Плаза Испания, Вие ще трябва да изберете кабел

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