Pulau Payar – Незабравима почивка в Малайзия

Pulau Payar Малайзия

  Malaysia cannot be considered as a country with thousand beaches. Even though, that does not mean that Malaysia has nothing related with the beach where you can travel for your next vacation spot in Malaysia. That is because there is one name named Pulau Payar where you can simply enjoy many things related with the beach and sea. That

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Наслаждавайки се на Средиземно море бриз в Sitges


  Sitges is a town located in Mediterranean coast about 35 kilometers southwest of Barcelona, Испания. The city is famous for its beaches and the best tourism facilities they provide. The weather there is very enjoyable throughout the year. Така, you can go there anytime you like and still able to do outdoor activities and enjoy the sun. Sitges is

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Раджа Ampat, А трябва да посетите място в Индонезия

Раджа ampat Папуа

  Raja Ampat is very famous for its underwater scenery. It is one of the best locations for diving. If you are a diver or just nature lovers, this place must be included in your travel destinations for next year. Raja Ampat means Four Kings in English. It has very rich marine life, reefs, and corals. Consists of more than

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Топ 5 Туристически атракции в Плая дел Кармен, Мексико

Плая дел Кармен плаж

  Mexico has several tourist destinations with beautiful scenery and interesting attractions. One of them is Playe Del Carmen. This small fishing city is going into rapid development then turns into popular and luxury tourist attraction. Playa Del Carmen is located in eastern part of Mexico, near to Caribbean Sea. Освен това, it belongs to Solidaridad municipality. It is small city

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Cenang Бийч, Малайзия-места и дейности да се направи

Cenang Бийч

  Като най-натоварените градски плаж в остров Лангкави, Cenang Бийч, Малайзия е мястото, пълен с разнообразни атракции, ресторанти, търговски центрове и кафенета. Намира само 10 минути’ от летище в Langkawi, този градски плаж е като популярна туристическа дестинация за семейства и младоженци. Водата е красива, с участието на бял пясък и прозрачни води с

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Travel Tips to Weh Island (Sumatera, Индонезия)

Beauty of Weh Island (diariovasco)

  Weh Island (Indonesian: Pulau Weh, Local Tribe: Pulo Weh/Sabang ) is a small active volcanic island of the northwest Sumatra, located about 2 hours by ferry from mainland, Banda Aceh. Weh Island was originally connected to the Sumatra mainland and became separated after the volcano’s eruption attacks in the past.[1] The Weh island is precisely located in the Andaman

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