Best Travel Guide to Turkey: Destinations and Things To Do

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As a cultural bridge that connects West and East, Turkey has its own way of attracting visitors. The diversity of cultures blends in this place. Church and mosque can be seen coexistence side by side. Ruins of ancient history scattered around this country as well. The diversity of Turkey cannot only be found in the culture and history, but also nature as well. Series of mountain area to white-sand beaches are only few of its natural beauty. Besides the list of tourist destinations in Turkey, here is how you can go to Turkey.

How to Access Turkey

Photo of Turkey

Photo of Turkey


In general, three transportation modes are able to access Turkey from various directions. The main transportation mode is airplane. Several airlines offer easy access to Turkey. If you want to come to Turkey, you can choose Istanbul Atatürk International Airport as your destination. Alternatively, you can also land in other airports such as Istanbul Sabiha Gokçen International Airport or Antalya Havalimani Airport. Several smaller airports also take international flights as well. Those airports are including Adana Airport, Milas-Bodrum Airport, and Trabzon Airport.

The second transportation mode that you can use to get to Turkey is by transcontinental railroad. InterRail offers international railway transportation from 29 countries of Europe. You can choose either first class or second class offered by the train. The second option is Eurailpass. No less than 28 countries in Europe offer easy access to Turkey with this line. Unfortunately, the Trans-Asia Express connecting two big cities of Ankara and Tehran is no longer providing their service any longer. Depending on where you come from, it might take days to reach Turkey.

If you are not interested in flight or railway transportation, you can get to Turkey by using boat. As bridge of two continents, the sailing route to Turkey has existed centuries ago. The popular route starts from Greek island. Several ports on Turkey also open for private yachts as well. Besides yacht, Turkey also welcomes visitors who come by using cruise ship as well. Meanwhile, the ferry route services are only available from Cyprus, Greece, and Ukraine. Aside those three transportation modes, traveling to Turkey by driving is also possible.

What to See in Turkey

Photo of Turkey

Photo of Turkey

Turkey is famous for two types of tourisms. Aside from cultural and historical tourist objects, several natural tourist sites are packed the countries as well. As place with long historical records, Turkey is rich of cultural and historical tourist destinations. The capital city of Ankara is packed with museums. One of the popular museums is Museum of Anatolian Civilization. Alternatively, you can take a trip into traditional bazaar located in Sanliurfa or discovering the ancient cave where Abraham was born. This cave is located close to Syrian border.

For those of you who not into history or culture, you can also enjoy natural beauty of Turkey as well. The wild nature of Kaçkar Mountain range is good for hiking. Meanwhile, Mount Ararat is famous for the Noah’s Ark fragments. Aside from high-elevation tourist destinations, you can also come to the beaches. Popular beach in Turkey is Bodrum. Turkey also has some rivers recommended for rafting activities.

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