Best 4 Backpacker Tips in Barcelona



You might need the backpacker tips in Barcelona. Barcelona is just recently getting its popular travel destination status. For many years, the city looks like it has been only a shadow compared by other favorite’s destinations such as Paris or Rome. Barcelona presents abundance of matchless experiences, myriad of activities and most of all; you are going to get a personal experience for the dazzling Catalonian warmth personalities.

Basic Backpacker Tips in Barcelona

With 3-4 days and a budget of 500 Euros per day, you will have more than ready to do the most unforgettable sightseeing in Barcelona. The following are backpacker tips in Barcelona you might need to know.

1. Prepare the Accommodation
Barcelona has hostels you can stay without being dried out financially. There are several hostels that offer you nice accommodation for around 12-18€ a night. Just make sure to stay at a hostel where you are going to meet people to have a good time and walk around with.

2. Choose the best Transportation in Barcelona
Barcelona has a really efficient public transportation. You can count on the timely metros and buses and they will take you anywhere in Barcelona quickly and safely. The metro needs 2-3 minutes or so to take a trip between stops. However, the buses might leave you waiting awhile at night. You might want to buy T-dia (one day pass) or T-10 (10 day pass) before taking a ride. These will save you from lots troubles of buying the tickets. The passes are active for the metro and bus. Taxi can be other alternative if you have one or two companies. The cost is affordable, roughly the same as when you and your friends take a ride with a metro.

3. Make a List of the Best Places to Visit
As backpacker tips in Barcelona, you will have lots things to do and see in Barcelona. it is basically a sleepless city as it beats 24 hours a day. If you want some of the most genius architecture, you will find it here with so many great building designed by the genius Gaudi.
Barcelona has many places you might want to see. Do you love to walk? Just stroll along the La Rambla, Barcelona’s busiest street. It is jammed with vendors, artists, bars and restaurants (not recommended for backpackers). You may want to see Gothic District. If you want to feel the genuine atmosphere of Barcelona, this place will do well for you with its narrow streets, the grand cathedral and tons of excellent small coffee shops as well as art spots.

Then, there is Sagrada Familia. Just do not forget your camera as this cathedral is absolutely superb. If you need some art and history of Catalan, there always be the National Museum of Catalan Art. If you want to have the atmosphere of a picnic in the park, then you need to try Parque Guell. Do not forget to try the unique park escalator system.

4. Get Information about Barcelona Culinary
You will easily find affordable eating places in Barcelona. Barcelona is a foodie center for backpackers. Low-priced eating isn’t too hard to find because there is truly a menu to accommodate any taste and budget. You can find it in Gothic District where the place is full of good small eateries at an affordable price.

Those are some backpacker tips in Barcelona. Just remember those tips when you want to make a trip in Barcelona. It might be useful for you.

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