Самыя папулярныя і павінны наведаць месцы ў Бангкоку

Бангкок - Ват Пхо

  Where is the best place in Bangkok? Is a question that usually asked by people if they want to go to Thailand? Бангкок, the capital city of the country, is one of the best cities in South East Asia that offers many amazing places and attractions for the visitors. You may need to Google first about what things to

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Kinkakuji храм – Цудоўны Залаты павільён Токіо

Kinkakuji, Залаты храм у Кіёта

  Kinkakuji храм – Kyoto is the old capital of Japan located on the island of Honshu. This special town has many historic sites and It is the capital of Kyoto Prefecture, and it is the most important cultural tourism in Japan. Кіёта заўсёды бачны прыгожы круглы год у любы час года, быць там, калі снежная ў зімовы перыяд, blooms of

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Ubud Monkey Forest (Балі)

Наведвальнік Ubud Monkey Forest (YouTube)

  Ubud Monkey Forest is an exotic place located in Ubud, Балі, Інданезія. This forest is only about 25km away from Bali’s capital, Denpasar. Ubud Monkey Forest is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bali and it has average 10,000 tourist visits in one month. Some part of Ubud Monkey Forest claimed forbidden area and sanctified by the local

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ULUWATU TEMPLEOn TOP of Beautiful Cliff (BALI)

Uluwatu Temple on Cliff

  Uluwatu Temple is located in Pecatu Village, District of South Kuta, Badung regency of Bali. The distance between Ngurah Rai Airport to Uluwatu Temple is about 30 minute. Pura Luhur Uluwatu or usally called Uluwatu Temple serves as a place of worship for Lord Rudra. Pura Uluwatu is believed by Hindus as a central of 9 winds and called as the

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