The Spots You Have to Visit at Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

  Do you look for the best destination to visit during your vacation in Malaysia? Калі вы робіце, it is actually so much recommended for you to go to the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. This particular place will definitely become a fabulous and interesting place where you can spend your leisure time in the most fascinating way possible. So then,

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Унікальныя Эратычныя Статуі Forest Can Ginebreda

Лес можа Ginebreda

  Bosc de Can Ginebreda may not sound odd in many tourists. аднак, this place is interesting to visit. It is the private park near to forest in Barcelona. The owner is a sculpture artist who has the collection more than 100 statues. What is interesting part of this place? If you want to know, the key words are erotic

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Дзіўныя дзікай прыроды Show ў Балі Safari і марскі парк

Балі сафары і марскі парк

  Visiting Bali will never be complete without experiencing the Bali Safari and Marine Park. It is the new and among the most popular tourist destinations in Bali. This zoo is full of countless species that comes from around the world. Even from the entrance, you will feel exciting already as it looks like the Jurassic Park-ish with all the

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Смяротны Выдатны выгляд з Алникский Яда саду

Алнвик Атрутны сад

  Located behind Castle battlements, you will be able to find Alnwick Poison Garden. This garden is formal gardens complex which is close to the Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, Англія. The plants inside this garden are toxic and dangerous. These kinds of plant are kept inside a large cage. The green scene that greets you brightly everywhere in this ground

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Цудоўны від на Парк Гуэль, Барселона

Турысты Парк Гуэль (getyourguide)

  Парк G & uuml; ELL, безумоўна, адзін з самых наведвальных месцаў у Кармэн-Хіл, Барселона, Іспанія. Гэта дзіўнае месца грамадскі парк запоўнены садамі і унікальнымі архітэктурнымі элементамі. Антоні Gaud & iacute; гэта чалавек за гэты цікавы парк. Парк Гуэль прадстаўлены як унікальны і фантастычную раскоша, з яркім колерам, Незвычайны дызайн і крывыя. гэты парк

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Frogner Park (Осла) – Адзін з самых эратычны парк у свеце

Frogner Park

  Jeju Love Land in South Korea is so well-known as the most erotic park in the world. This is where you can see many statues and other kind of arts that symbolizes the lovemaking positions between men and women. But something very interesting related to erotism can be found in Frogner Park, Осла. Frogner Park in Oslo, Norway is

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