Baden-baden – World’s Most Luxurius Natural Spa Ever

Caracalla of Baden-baden


Baden-Baden is a city in Germany, this city is not so big but has its own charm. Baden-baden has an interesting tourist attraction: “the natural spa”. The Spa of Baden-baden is suitable for those of you who want to feel the sensation of fresh and healthy to the body.

In Europe Baden-Baden is known as one of the best thermal spa spot in the world. This is a classy tourism spot, From Bismarck to Obama, from Queen Victoria to Victoria Beckham visited Baden-Baden. they come for the same purpose: bath.

Baden-Baden spa resort has been there since 2000 years ago. Germany ‘baden’ means ‘bath’ in English. Roman Emperor Caracalla had come to Baden-Baden to take a bath to cure his rheumatism. Likewise with the Queen of Prussia that had came to Baden-
Baden for treatment. Thermal baths in Baden-Baden often brings famous people and makes the city growing with the presence of casinos and luxury hotels.

The mineral content in Baden-baden natural Spa makes visitors come more and more. The reason is because take a bath in this place is good for health. You could say this place is a perfect location for natural alternative treatments, ranging from the heart, arthritis, as well as the lung.

Map to Baden-baden Natural Spa

Pictures of Baden-Baden Natural Spa

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