Backpacker Tips in Paris – Free and Cheap Stuffs in the City of Love



Paris, a city deemed the most romantic place on Earth. It is everybody’s dream destination. If you are a backpacker looking forward to visit all the places possible, Paris most certainly is on your list, too. While also being a city of fashion and style, it is achievable to backpack affordably in Paris. Here are some useful backpacker tips in Paris.

Backpacker Tips in Paris

1. Visit historical and fancy places for free or cheap prices
Shopping luxury items is already out of the question if you are traveling on a budget. Instead, the ultimate backpacker tips in Paris are to go look for the amazing free stuffs that Paris has to offer for you. With its long history, Paris has so many wonderful architecture that you can enjoy for free. Take a stroll around the city and take shots of the Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, The Arc de Triomphe, and the Opera Garnier. Some of these places require tickets if you want to get in or go to the observation deck, but the tickets are also pretty affordable. If you want to see the city from a more different perspective, you can go to Cimetiere Du Pere Lachaise, the largest cemetery in Paris. Here rest many famous people that also contributed many of their brilliant works to today’s art and literature, like Chopin, Proust, Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, and Edit Piaf.

Although Paris is a crowded city, the city has many parks that are spacious and beautifully designed. If you are tired of walking around, you can take a rest in some of these parks and enjoy a cheese and wine picnic. The largest park in Paris is Bois De Vincennes, located in the east side. Here you can find botanical gardens, walking trails, horse racing tracks, and many beautiful lakes.

2. Get around the city safely and cheaply
If you want to get around Paris you can go for the Paris Metro. Its lines are comprehensive and can take you almost anywhere in Paris, and the stations are relatively safe. Paris Metro has many kinds of ticket and pass packages. You can choose any of these according to your travel needs. A little backpacker tips in Paris here: as many backpackers don’t stay too long in Paris, the best deal for the Paris Metro ticket is usually the carnet, which is a 10 tickets package that costs about €13.70. A single ticket costs about €1.80, one-day ticket €6.40, weekly pass €20.40, and a monthly pass €67. Beware of the pickpockets, though. It is best to not take out any valuable items when riding the metro.

3. Eat from the bakeries
Paris is loaded with bakeries in almost every corner. These bakeries have so many kinds of bread you can choose from, and they are cheap and satisfying. If you want some side dishes or toppings to go with your bread, you can go to the grocery stores and get some jams or fries for a cheap price. Finish your meal with a glass of delicious wine that is widely available.

These are some backpacker tips in Paris that hopefully you can apply. Although Paris is an expensive city, it is possible to travel to this place cheaply and still enjoy the city life and the good food.


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