Backpacker Tips in London You Should Know



Many travelers love to come to London, but they often complain about the expensive amenities they should bear. While this might be true, you can do the London tour without being purse-drained with these backpacker tips in London.

4 Basic Backpacker tips in London

1. Where to Stay

First think first, where to stay in London? You might try rooms around Heathrow airports. You can bargain the room in Bloomsbury area, looking for a discounted price in Heathrow or if you wish to stay a little further from downtown, you can find the convenient and cheaper room in Hackney.

2. What to Ride

As backpacker tips in London, walking is the best way to enjoy London. It gives you lot opportunities to find the most iconic London such as the Thames, Medieval City’s backstreets, without being worry about the cost. But if you want a little further, you can always use the tube or bus. And before making any sightseeing in this city, you might want to buy a Travelcard to ease your transportation means. You can use it for any bus, tube, or train while you are still in London, in the duration of the card’s validity (which would be valid for 1,3 or a week).

A tour bus will cost you up to £30 with the official tour agencies. However, you can have the alternative by taking ordinary bus. Try to ride after 10 am to avoid the hectic hours. You can take RV 1 bus which would take you along the best scenes in London, such as the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, The National Theatre, The Tate Modern, Waterloo, Aldwych, Strand, and Covent Garden. You can also try the 23 bus from Liverpool Street station. You will be taken along the shoppers’s paradise such as Mansion House, Fleet Street, St. Paul’s, the Royal Strand, Courts, Trafalgar Square, Regent Street, Pall Mall, Piccadilly Circus, Bond Street, Oxford Street, or Paddington.

3. What are the best free sights

For the best free sights, you can try the museums. Almost all the major museum and gallery in London are free. You might want to try The Natural History, Science and Victoria and Albert Museums. London Museum will also be great. You might want to find the best of English artists, and then Tate Britain and National Gallery will do you well. In addition, do not forget about Greenwich. Going to London will be not complete without visiting its markets. Find the fashion or curiosities in Camden Market. If you love history or nice architectures of old London, try Leadenhall market.


4. Where to Eat in London

Now, it is about the food. There are several ways for you to save the food budget in London. As backpacker tips in London, you do not want to eat in a restaurant (of course), but you need to buy the foods from the supermarkets. You will not have the most delicious food, but at least you can well survive without being a bankrupt backpacker. However, if you want some eating out, you can choose the eating places in the London’s worker area. They are far more affordable than in the London center of tourists. Those are some basic backpacker tips in London that you might want to try if you happened to have a plan to visit London.

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