Необыкновенное тәм-религиозный бәйрәме-Холи Һиндстанда

Холи Байрам Һиндстан

  India has numerous types of religious festival. One of the most popular Hinduism festival in India is called as Holi. This festival is also known as Festival of Colors. As the name suggests, the festival includes natural color powder. The participants of this festival throw colorful powders into other participants. The festival takes up to three days. It is

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Киңәштәр наслаждайся фестивале Һонған өсөн туристтар

Фестиваль Һонған Таиландта

  Each country in the world has their respective way of celebrating New Year. In Thailand, people celebrate it by throwing Songkran Festival. New Year according to traditional Thai calendar happens at April 13. Ай-һай, the holiday for this New Year continues until April 15. The government makes the holiday longer regarding to the tradition during Songkran. Aside from celebrating

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Иң яҡшы Путеводитель буйынса Төркиә: Урыны һәм кәрәк-яраҡтар өсөн нимә эшләргә

Фото Төркиә

  As a cultural bridge that connects West and East, Turkey has its own way of attracting visitors. The diversity of cultures blends in this place. Church and mosque can be seen coexistence side by side. Ruins of ancient history scattered around this country as well. The diversity of Turkey cannot only be found in the culture and history, тик

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Сәйәхәттәр киңәштәр өсөн Firsttimer был Сакре-Кер


  When you go to French, you might do not want to miss the chance to visit Sacré-Cœur. This white church is located in the hill of Montmartre as one of the main attractions in Paris. It was commissioned by French government in 1873 with the purpose to symbolize self-confidence’s return after devastating years during Franco-Prussian ad Commune War. "

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