Бик Стирлинг, Тарихи йоҙаҡ, улар Һеҙ килергә тейеш (Шотландия)

Бик Стирлинг

  When you are spending holiday in Scotland, you shouldn’t forget to go to Stirling Castle. The castle is famous for being a well-known historical spot that you can visit. The castle has been witnessing many important historical moments. For people who like to learn about historical topics, the castle is perfect place to know more about the past life

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Тарихи байлығы Император һарайы Киото

Императорские Һарай, Киото Фото

  Is it your first time in Kyoto? Then you have to visit the most popular palace in this town known as Kyoto Imperial Palace. This is a particular castle that has classical Japanese style with walled compound that contain several different sumptuous building. Just like most classical Japanese building, this palace has wooden construction and low rooflines. Although the

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Бик Ниҙе Киото – Невероятные Архитектураһы өсөн көрәш ҡулланылыр

Ниҙе Бик Фото

  Japan has been known as a castle country. It refers to the number of castles across this country that is basically quite a lot. Among the most popular castles, Nijo Castle in the center of Kyoto is regularly visited by a lot of local and international tourists every year. This is among the most original castles in Japan that

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Тоҡуз – Иң популяр урыны Киото туризм

Йорт Тоҡуз

  Японияла будда храмдары вәкилдәре булды., Иң популяр туристик киото тофукудзи урындарының береһе булып тора.. It is a large temple full of interesting buildings and fabulous dragon ceiling. Even more than that, this temple is best known for its great landscaping with small valley, a stream and also a lot of maple trees. Similar to most

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Нишандан: Замок менән күп кенә көтөлмәгән хәл

Нишандан - (Википедия)

  Һеҙ жыйынһыҙ барыу Германияға, һәм эҙләргә, әллә ниндәй иҫтәлекле урындарында килергә?  Ярай,, you can visit Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. Нойштад-йоҙаҡ, XIX быуат, ул төҙөлгән өсөн генә бер кеше, Короле II Людвиг. Был бик, ул урынлашҡан Neuschwansteinstraßе 20, 87645 Ванга, Германия, offers you some great views from neither inside nor

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