Hongdae bir Indiepop Travel, Seoul


  A trip to South Korea has been identified with the drama and K-Pop tourism agenda. lakin, if you are interested in visiting a non-mainstream destination and get to know with the new wave of Korean culture, Hongdae could be the answer. Electrocuted by Youth Culture! Located in the city of Seoul, the area of Hongdae is characterized by Indie-Pop,

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Cenang Beach, Malaysia - Places və nə üçün Activities

Cenang Beach

  Being as the busiest beach town in island of Langkawi, Cenang Beach, Malaysia is the place full of diverse attractions, restaurants, shopping centers and cafes. Located only 10 dəqiqə’ drive from the airport in Langkawi, this beach town has been being popular holiday destination for families and honeymooners. The water is beautiful featuring white sands and transparent water with

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