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Karimun Java – Best Diving Spot in Java! (Indonesia)


  Karimunjava is an islands located at Java sea and it is included in the district of Jepara (Middle Java, Indonesia). To visit karimunjava we need to sail 83km north from Jepara. The main attraction in Karimunjava is the beauty of it’s underwater world. With it’s potential in underwater marine park, Indonesia government established Karimunjava as one of national park in 2001. keywords:

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4 Best Tourist Attractions in Cambodja – Must Visit!


  Cambodia offers the Elegance of cultural tourism and unique nature that different than other tourist Attractions of countries at Southeast Asia. many unique form of temple buildings that have stood since the reign of the ancient kings in Cambodia. This time will invite you to know better the most interesting tourist spots in Cambodia. keywords: cambodia famous attraction

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